Hi, my name is

Gaizka Jimenez


Expert in technological development, oriented to web applications, with experience in both front and backend.


About Me

I'm Gaizka Jimenez, programmer. My background is in full stack development, and I currently work in a consulting company that provides professional consulting services and Web project management. I've been actively involved in the industry for four years, and from the first moment I started coding, it has become essential for me to improve every day. I am passionate about technology. And being able to offer our clients a quality service based on experience and commitment is one of my priorities. My beginnings were with Java and later I learned HTML and CSS for the front-end, since I have always felt attracted to this world. Currently I am starting my conversion to Web3 software development, blockchain technology in which I strongly believe. In my free time I do sports combining CrossFit and refereeing, I also like to play chess and poker. Combining obligation and leisure gives me the opportunity to grow as a professional. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Tech Stack


I used

Java PHP MongoDB Bootstrap


Currently using

js_logo HTML CSS React PostgreSQL Git


I´m learning

Python Solidity AWS


Motorhome rents

This website is designed to allow you to request a quotation. It has all the necessary information information about motorhomes, rental conditions and prices according to the type of motorhome. the the seasons and the time that you are going to rent a motorhome.

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CrossFit Box

This website is designed to be a landing page of a Crossfit box, where you can find a Crossfit, where you can can learn more about the sport and the box. It has a database to manage the athletes that train and gives you to know the schedule that of the gym.

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